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Cercon Zirconia

Today more than ever patients demand esthetic renewal as part of their dental treatment and are choosing metal- free, biocompatible and highly esthetic dental restorations. To meet this need select Cercon Zirconia.

Whether it be Crowns or Bridges, for the anterior or posterior regions, Cercon Zirconia allows you to achieve an extraordinarily high degree of precision and accuracy in fitting. Computer Aided Design (CAD) guarantee a high level of accuracy.

Cercon™ Smart Ceramics
Today’s patients are very demanding and demand a different kind of smile – one that’s bright, lively and metal-free.

The Beauty of Strength.
The genius behind Cercon™ Smart Ceramics is a yttria-stabilized zirconia, a highly stable oxide ceramic that delivers strength and fracture toughness far beyond that of other known esthetic ceramics. Remarkably more powerful, Cercon™ zirconia is almost 155% stronger than Empress® 2, over 60% stronger than Inceram® zirconia and a full 50% stronger than machined Procera® alumina.
Genuine yttria-stabilized zirconia also has a unique, “built-in” process, called transformation toughening, that actually helps the material resist crack formation and propagation. All together, Cercon™ gives you the confidence to prescribe and design properly contoured single and multi-unit restorations, even those in the posterior region with connectors just 9mm2.

The Strengths of Beauty
With Cercon™, dark margins and the artificially gray values of ceramo-metal technology are history. Veneered with genuine Cercon™ Ceram-S, these translucent zirconia oxide frames virtually come alive and display all of the warmth and vitality demanded by even the most discerning patients. No longer encumbered by the translucency to opacity boundaries of PFMs, Cercon™ Smart Ceramics presents you with a mouthful of beautiful possibilities.

Strength Comparison of Modern Dental Ceramics

Proven in Practice: 3-year clinical history.

Too often the term “brand new” also means unproven. Not here! Cercon™ enjoys an outstanding successful three-year clinical history and was released only after eight years of collaborative development between industry experts and academic researchers.

So if you must think that Cercon™ is brand new, don’t forget that it’s also well proven. In a clinical study at the University of Zurich, Cercon™ bridges with connector sizes of just 7 – 11 mm2 were fabricated and placed using both conventional and adhesive techniques. After one year of clinical testing, 100% of the bridges were intact and a high level of patient satisfaction was recorded. Two years later, in October, 2001, Cercon™ continued its excellent record. Absolutely no framework failures were recorded in any of the bridges placed.

Never before has a metal-free solution shared such a promising future and such an impressive past. Never before have you been given this level of freedom in a restorative material. Anteriors or posteriors, single crowns or multi-unit cases – whatever the clinical situation calls for, Cercon™ Smart Ceramics delivers outstanding esthetics without reservations or compromise.

Cercon™ at a Glance:
* Impressive strength and toughness
* Biocompatible
* Cementable or Bondable
* Singles or Multiples
* Anteriors or Posteriors
* Clinically Proven
* Streamlined Digital Process Control
* Certified Cercon™ Smart Labs

Today’s patients are very demanding. As healthcare consumers, they are much better informed about issues pertaining to wellness and vitality for both themselves and their families. Today’s patients are also demanding a different kind of smile – one that’s bright, lively and metal-free.

It wasn’t long ago that metal-based crowns and bridges were the norm, a standard accepted by an unchallenged public. Now that’s changed as metal-based crowns and bridges are being effectively displaced by the more esthetic, super strong ceramic options.

Answering this demand, DENTSPLY Ceramco introduces Cercon™ Smart Ceramics, a comprehensive system using both a smart digital process and super strong zirconia ceramics. With Cercon™, you can finally deliver outstanding beautiful, metal-free restorative solutions for the entire mouth.
With the inherent beauty of the best pressed ceramics, the cementation ease of alumina crowns and the strength associated with PFMs, Cercon™ Smart Ceramics is modern dentistry’s smart choice.
Cercon™ – the leader in smart ceramics.

Cercon™ is a trademark of Dentsply Ceramco.

Diagnostic Wax-Up

Show your patients what cosmetic dentistry can achieve!

* Indicated for crowns, bridges, veneers and implants as well as Advanced Cosmetic cases.
* Powerful patient communication tool (natural-looking three-dimensional representation of final case)
* Visual aid for adequate tooth preparation
* Template for final restorations
* Allows quick fabrication of outstanding temporaries.

The diagnostic wax-up is often the most important tool for selling treatment, case presentation, and case planning. At Richley Dental Ceramics Ltd. we have a group of highly skilled technicians who are able to create detailed, three dimensional models that you can use to assure function and esthetics for your case. The unrivaled communication that the diagnostic wax-up is able to provide dramatically increases case acceptance.
* Mock-up of expected restoration(s)

* Used for patient case presentation, case acceptance and as a model for making provisional’s.

Diagnostic Wax-Up

GC Gradia (Composite Restorations)

The GC GRADIA family is a unique light-cured composite system for indirect restorations such as crowns, bridges, inlays and veneers and all types of direct restorations whether it’s in the anterior or the posterior region.

With the GC GRADIA family, you can handle all your aesthetically demanding restorations easier and quicker. Due to the remarkable shade’s adaptation to the surrounding tooth structure, outstanding natural looking aesthetic and long-lasting restorations can easily be achieved.

GC GRADIA, the laboratory system for making high-end aesthetic crown and bridge work that has proven itself for over 5 years now.

Superb for inlays.

Crown and Bridge


For over 2,500 years, gold has been the restorative material of choice for dentistry. Even in today’s competitive crown and bridge marketplace, where dentists can select from a wide range of alloys, amalgams, composites and ceramic materials, more practitioners are using high gold (greater than 65%) content alloys. Dentists and their patients have found that dental restorations that use high gold materials can last a patient’s lifetime – from 20 to 50 years. Gold offers the following

* Biocompatibility
* Performance
* Value


IPS e.max

All you need for all ceramics – techniques …
Designed with simplicity and versatility in mind, IPS e.max comprises highly aesthetic and high strength materials for both the PRESS and the CAD/CAM technique.
Depending on the case at hand, you can provide your patients with individual restorations that exhibit impeccable aesthetics and the required high mechanical stability.
The decision to use IPS e.max is a decision to take advantage of the unlimited possibilities of all-ceramics.

IPS e.max:
IPS e.max Ceram enables different restorations to be ideally integrated – no matter which framework material you choose thanks to the common veneering ceramic, all IPS e.max restorations feature the same wear properties and surface gloss and consistent outstanding aesthetics.

IPS e.max is a modern and innovative system, which covers the entire spectrum of all-ceramic indications ranging from thin veneers to 10-unit bridges.
It includes materials of exceptional aesthetics and high strength for the press technique as well as for CAD/CAM applications.
The IPS e.max system is composed of a number of independent components. Therefore, you can choose the materials that are most suited to fulfilling the requirements of each individual case.
The system includes an innovative lithium disilicate (LS2) material, which is suitable for fabricating single-tooth restorations, as well as a high-strength zirconium oxide material, which is designed for producing long-span bridges. The fact that a common layering scheme is used together with predictable shade matching represents a considerable advantage in the fabrication of combination work.
A common layering ceramic is responsible for these outstanding results.

The demand for aesthetic all-ceramic restorations has considerably increased over the past few years. Consequently, all-ceramic restorations have become an integral part of aesthetic dentistry. CAD/CAM techniques and high-strength zirconium oxide ceramics are gaining in importance in dentistry.
IPS e.max comprises highly aesthetic and high-strength materials for both the PRESS and CAD/CAM technique.

IPS e.max®, from Ivoclar, is a new all-ceramic system which offers a wide range of restorative options for both pressable and CAD/CAM technology. This modern and innovative product covers the entire spectrum of all-ceramic indications ranging from thin veneers to 10 unit bridges.

How it works?
The system includes a number of components and materials that may be used depending on the requirements of the case; IPS e.max lithium disilicate, zirconium oxide, and ceram. The e.max ceram is the layering ceramic used to veneer lithium disilicate or zirconia oxide frameworks.

– esthetic and high-strength materials
– one layering ceramic delivers one smile chemistry
– predictable shade results with IPS e.max Ceram
– adhesive or conventional cementation options
For more information on IPS E.Max®, please visit the Ivoclar Vivadent website at

IPS e.max

Lava™ Crowns and Bridges

Lava™ Crowns and Bridges present an innovative CAD/CAM technology for all-ceramic crowns and bridges on a zirconia base. Zirconia is a high-tech ceramic material that is characterized by its outstanding stability and biocompatibility, as well as strength levels significantly higher than other all-ceramic materials. In addition to strength, Lava all-ceramic system restorations display excellent aesthetics and precise fit characteristics.

Lava™ Crowns and Bridges

PFM – Porcelain Fused To Metal

Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) restorations are still the most prescribed restorative treatment alternative to date. Offering several different types of metals with which to fabricate the substructure, Richley Dental Ceramics readily provides clinicians with a wide variety of PFM crowns and bridges. Porcelain margins are recommended to dramatically improve the aesthetic result by enabling natural light to penetrate at the gingival margins. The PFM restorations appear so natural, they rival some of the most innovative restorative options available. PFM offers the following advantages:

* Extremely durable – can be used for posterior crowns and bridges
* Familiar preparation technique
* Superb fit
* Easy one-step cementation

See the results for yourself:

PFM - Porcelain Fused To Metal


The Procera® AllCeram System is an innovative alumina-based restorative alternative composed of densely sintered, alumina copings, and compatible dental porcelains. Procera is the first system available that allows clinicians to cement all-ceramic full-coverage restorations utilizing conventional cementation techniques anywhere in the mouth. Procera is durable, biocompatible with soft tissues, and provides low wear against opposing dentition. Procera offers the following advantages:

* Translucence very similar to the natural tooth.
* Highly biocompatible material, comparable to titanium.
* Coping is made of dense-sintered aluminum oxide to maximize strength.
* Procera® technique guarantees high precision for optimal fit.


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