Bleaching Trays

We make a wide range of bleaching trays which are all suitable for any bleaching system including deep bleaching. You can use our bleaching trays for any ‘in-office’ or ‘take home’ method.

Options available include:

  • Reservoirs in the tray in which to hold the gel.
  • Trays can allow the bleaching of just one tooth
  • Buccal and palatal bleaching
  • Trays with “windows”

All of our trays are straight edged and made without reservoirs unless stated. They are finished to where the technician feels appropriate unless notation is provided.

Common Techniques

Inside Out bleaching or Non-vital bleaching is a method used to lighten teeth that are no longer alive. If a tooth has changed colour because of a root canal, it can be lightened form the inside out, using both palatal and buccal reservoirs. As illustrated below:

Single tooth bleaching is widely used to lighten a tooth up to the same colour as the other teeth, before whitening all the teeth.

Bleaching Trays

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