Service Levels

Laboratory hours

Monday to Thursday – 8.00am to 5pm
Fridays – 8.00am to 4.30pm

Daily delivery and collection throughout the West Midlands and Worcestershire.

All other areas are covered and serviced by the Royal Mail or private couriers with the use of Free Post labels.

Standard Turnaround times

Private – 5 working days in the laboratory
NHS – 5 working days in the laboratory

An express turnaround can always be considered if there is a requirement. This may involve a fee.

All patients and dentists are welcome at the laboratory to assist with shade matching and to show the patient the art in making their prosthesis.

Please note that weekends, public holidays or days in transit are not included in these times.

Prescription Tickets & Free Post Labels


Crown & Bridge and Denture Prescription Ticket


Mouthguards Prescription Ticket


Free Post Label

Please phone or email the laboratory to request a stock of prescription tickets.

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